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Merchant Sailing Company
Trading, Transport, Sailtraining, & Shipbuilding
Arjen Boogie van der Veen,    Jorne Langelaan,    Andreas Lackner


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Atlantis Merchant Sailing Company has become the name of a trading company by merchant sailing ships, not depending on the pressuring timetables of nowadays business world. At the moment we are investigating a new market for our vessels to transport our merchandise and good from producers & others. Its ships will run by wind, exceptionally also with biological fuel like bio diesel. Its idea is not to waste our spare energy but to produce some benefit through recycling plastic operating a vessel using sailpower. Transportation is not a goal in itself, but trade between small producers, can function as a cultural contact-medium, (+ strengthen this sector) and help small producers to grow stronger and survive!

Sailing Merchantman prototype: "Brigantine Tres Hombres" 78,6 Gross Ton
Because of its ship's rather small sizes and draft it can also do trade with Small Island harbours or is used as a transport, transferring cargo from big ships to these small harbours and back. Besides no expensive machines are needed for the loading and reloading cargo which means that its sailing ships can also do cargo business in harbours with little infrastructure. By opening a trade route giving the locals the availability of transportation, a new trade business can be developed between small producers, and function as a cultural contact-medium, (+ strengthen this sector) and help small producers to grow stronger and survive!

Atlantis Sailtraining Program will offer to its trainees and crew a perspective and the possibility to build up and join a business and to gain knowledge from it and as well add knowledge to it. Besides that their know-how needs to be passed on to new crewmembers they have the chance to live in a family-like atmosphere, giving them stability and teaching them responsibility for their home and the other crewmembers as it is the situation in "normal" families. And not for the least, they learn how to contribute to a better environment.

ATLANTIS wants to go a different direction than common economy went until now. To combine a business with a social project: the basics as much as the giving and taking between man and nature is what count for us.
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ATLANTIS is the realization of a dream shared by Jorne Langelaan, Andreas Lackner & Arjen "Boogie" van der Veen. The three first crossed paths in port in the Netherlands. Sharing the same ideas and interests Andreas, Arjen & Jorne attended the Enkhuizer Nautical College for commercial sailing/cargo vessels worldwide.

We at ATLANTIS are striving to create a new model of a clean, cooperative and sustainable enterprise. We commit to supporting equally the environmental, the social, and the economic viability of our world by adhering to the principles of fairness and accountability in trade, respect and stewardship for the environment, and a charitable, global disposition. By operating a fleet of sailing merchant trading ships between trade routes, each vessel will function as a self-funding charitable merchantman with a solid land organisation.